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Warranty for Service Products
Warranty for service products start’s from the moment of delivery and demonstration of the product to the client. Warranty covers 1 Year against manufacturing defects. Guarantee does not cover any of the components. Guarantee implies only for Servicing.

The company does not hold any responsibility for any damages caused after the warranty period, but will gladly provide its customers with any technical consulting.
Warranty would be void if:-
  • Warranty seals are removed or damaged;
  • Warranty period has expired;
  • Rules of use were violated;
  • There were made any modifications or adjustments to the device or misuse of the item;
  • There were any damages of the item caused by user;
  • Warranty does not cover any accidents (fire, foreign liquids and elements exposure, electric discharges, incorrect voltage etc);
Please make sure:-
  • Warranty seals are not damaged
  • The item is fully packed including all accessories, manuals and original package
We provide post-warranty repair, no matter how much time has passed after the item purchase. Price of the repairs is set for each case individually.

Our Commitment

At Frax we strive to provide –
  • Best quality of equipments
  • Best customer service
  • Maintaining industry best standards
  • On-time delivery
  • Steer the manufacturing towards Six-Sigma quality