Frax Electrosystems
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Welcome to Frax Electrosystems

Since 1994, Frax has developed, manufactured and marketed highly engineered products and services for a wide range of Educational & Commercial markets. Frax is the leading supplier in the design and manufacture of specialized equipment for Electronics and Educational Equipments and Test Instruments.

Frax’s value-added Educational Electronic services offer best instruments to enhance the durability and educational value for the customers. In addition, Frax’s talented staff of Service Engineers and Sales Staff bring many years of experience in service and manufacturing. Frax's diversified technology, products and services are the result of ongoing innovation, creativity and solid business leadership.

As our customers grow in numbers and sizes, we have significantly increased the number of development and quality engineers, IT professionals, branch offices and product lines.

This strategic growth has allowed us to continue to provide the best support and products, bringing total satisfaction to our customers..


Frax’s products have acquired a reputation of dependability, consistency and genuine quality. We develop and manufacture a complete line of educational equipments and test instruments available in the market today. We provide the convenience of highly customized solutions, manufacturing with the assurance of high quality customer oriented experience.

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